The members of Res publica are driven by the desire to develop, as much as possible, the practice of democracy in everyday life in order to prepare a better life for all.

Our societies face many challenges that will determine the quality of our future: the ecological and solidarity transition, the increase or persistence of inequalities, climate change, the protection of biodiversity, the quality of cultivated soils, the future of water resources, the air we breathe, the food we eat.
Our health depends on both individual behaviour and collective choices that can have consequences on our quality of life and our life expectancy.

Moreover, the digital transition exacerbates competition between companies, countries and individuals, while making the protection of personal data more difficult and individual freedoms more fragile. This is contributing to a transformation of work at a time when the multiple expectations of employees are becoming an important element in the strategic thinking of companies.

Our ability to collectively address these challenges in the coming years will influence the future organisation of our society, the way we live together both in the city and at work. Indeed, while the future is fraught with threats, it is also a promise of a world in transition that will become more inclusive, more just and more sustainable. This depends on performance, i.e. on the relevance and quality of the decisions that are taken, starting today, in the public space and in companies.

The quality of decisions depends on the quality of the processes that produce them. And it also determines the quality of our future lives: a good decision is one that is prepared, discussed and adopted by those it affects. A good decision is inclusive, facilitates behavioural change, creates harmony and unity, and takes into account all the people it affects.

This is the conviction of the members of Res publica.

Res publica helps its clients to make good decisions through useful and effective consultation and collaborative dialogue processes.

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