Res publica is always looking for open-minded, curious people who are ready to work in teams, to travel to neighbourhoods and territories, and to tackle complex issues that need to be made accessible to all.

In the field or on an online network, Res publica promotes collective success, mutual aid and ethics for the well-being of its employees and the success of the missions entrusted to it

Open-ended contracts

Recruitment of a communication officer
We are looking for a 360° profile in internal and external interactions, with a strong digital dimension. An exciting challenge!

  • Participate in the reflection on the communication strategy of the company, of Jenparle and the mobilisation aspect of the consultation missions.

  • Content production.

  • Social networks.

  • Web visibility of Res publica and Jenparle

  • Graphic design.

  • Global monitoring.

Download the job description here

Internship / work experience offers

Res publica attaches particular importance to the recruitment and training of young professionals in collaborative dialogue and mobilisation for consultation.

A Ruby on Rails developer F/H

We are currently looking for a Ruby on Rails developer (M/F) to join our technical team and work on our civic tech platform Jenparle. Jenparle has been developed since 2007 and is marketed as a SaaS solution for many clients, both private and public, at small and large scale. Our multi-tenant architecture allows us to address each client's issues in an individualised way while having a single structure.

The Jenparle team is composed of developers, consultants and sales people to best meet the needs of our customers through direct and regular contact.


> Functional and technical design with the Jenparle team
> Back and front end development of new features
> Code reviews & Pair Programming
> Constant evolution of the stack

Internship / work placement "concertation and collaborative dialogue".


> Researching information, summarising and formatting it
> Writing minutes of meetings
> Participating in the preparation and running of meetings, workshops and citizen dialogue sessions
> Moderating and leading exchanges on Jenparle, the online dialogue platform developed by Res publica
> Helping to design simple communication documents

Knowledge of Photoshop or Illustrator type tools is welcome.
Generally speaking, the trainee will be attached to a mission which will take up most of his/her time and will be required to help the consultants on other missions in progress. Travel throughout France is possible.

Internship / work placement "communication and mobilisation of the public".


> Supporting Res publica's corporate communication: social networks and communication actions
> Supporting the communication and awareness of Jenparle, the online dialogue platform developed by Res publicas
> Creating content for social networks
> Managing existing tools (image library, verbatim bank, visuals, etc.))
> Participate in the strategy and implementation of communication and public mobilisation actions in the framework of consultation missions
> Moderate and animate exchanges on Jenparle, the online dialogue platform developed by Res publica
> Help design simple communication documents
> Help organise events

Knowledge of tools such as Photoshop or Illustrator is required.
The intern will work under the coordination of the heads of corporate communication and Jenparle. He/she will be attached to a consultation mission in which the mobilisation of the public is central and will be required to assist the consultants on other missions in progress. Travel throughout France is possible.

Trainees must be interested in issues of dialogue, democracy, strategy, transformation of organisations, public policy, territorial dynamics.

Gratification + meal tickets + transport card.

Please send your application to:

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