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GEFISS, research on the governance of the subsoil in the perspective of the energy transition with 5 university laboratories and 5 industrialists from the sector

The energy transition is an important dimension of the ecological transition which should enable us to face climate change by changing our behaviour in many areas and the energy mix. In this context, the subsoil represents an important avenue of research for solutions that are still little explored and little known. The subsoil can be used to store (hydrogen in cavities, for example), to produce heat (geothermal energy) or to recover rare gases such as naturally produced helium. But, much more importantly, the use of the subsoil requires operators to be able to explain and discuss their projects with the general public in public debate or consultation processes. However, in this field, industrialists are still at a loss, and the standards on which they rely are unsatisfactory and not very effective.

GEFISS is a research project whose objective is to build a knowledge base about governance in the field of subsoil engineering (geothermal energy, energy storage, C02 storage, etc.). It brings together a multidisciplinary team made up of experts from the humanities and social sciences, earth sciences, consultation and industry representatives.

GEFISS is drawing on the experience and skills of its partners to study the current dialogue mechanisms involving the stakeholders of a territory or a sector on subjects relating to the exploitation of the subsoil in the context of the energy transition. One of the aims of the project is to propose a set of methods aimed at encouraging the involvement of stakeholders, particularly the populations, in a constructive dialogue around the implementation of projects carried out by these sectors.

GEFISS is built around three components and draws on each of them:

Res publica has joined forces with the CNRS to set up this research project, which is financed by both theANR and industry.

Gilles-Laurent RAYSSAC, Tania DESFOSSEZ and Camille BOURDIER
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