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Transform'U, a consultation mechanism for higher education institutions wishing to reformulate their project in line with theEuropean universities initiative, in partnership with the CRI

Tomorrow's citizens must learn to act sustainably and inclusively in a changing world. To prepare this and future generations to tackle climate change, protect biodiversity or fight inequality, higher education institutions (HEIs) need to transform the way they learn, teach and do research.
The European Universities Initiative recommends the use of interdisciplinary work and project-based approaches to solve challenges within the framework of the SDGs, and the inclusion and participation of students.

These transformations require the adaptation of HEI strategies and must involve all actors of the university community: students, teachers, administration, management and other stakeholders.

Based on their respective experiences, CRI and Res publica propose to prototype and then deploy a method and tools to help HEIs that wish to do so to develop their transformation strategy in a participatory manner, by involving all their stakeholders. This process is designed to be implemented either autonomously or with the support of its designers.

The approach consists of organising a process of ideation, selection, prioritisation, decision, implementation and monitoring-evaluation of actions that will enable HEIs to develop a transformation strategy corresponding to their needs. Each institution determines the theme(s) of work (preferably chosen from the list of Sustainable Development Goals), the level of commitment (from ideation to monitoring and evaluation) and the methods of mobilising its stakeholders (all internal and external stakeholders can be mobilised, or only some of them, all actors can be invited to participate or groups can be formed, for example by drawing lots, etc.).

In concrete terms, CRI and Res publica propose to make available an online co-construction platform and kits for facilitating the various processes (from ideation to monitoring and evaluation). In a first step, the pilot HEIs will bring out and structure the work themes chosen by their stakeholders; in a second step, they will facilitate ideation and dialogue between the stakeholders, within the framework of the chosen themes, to define the transformation modalities that will prepare them to better train students for tomorrow's world.

and Camille BOURDIER
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