Beneficiaries' committee consultation
Ronan James, DGEFP

Juries of beneficiaries of the "100% Inclusion" call for projects of the General Delegation for Employment and Vocational Training (DGEFP): involving beneficiaries in the decision to fund, or not, inclusion projects

Client: Directorate General for Employment and Vocational Training (DGEFP)
3×2 months

The General Directorate for Employment and Vocational Training wanted to collect, within the framework of the 3 waves of the call for projects "100% Inclusion" of the Plan for Investment in Skills of the Ministry of Labour, the opinion of potential beneficiaries of professional integration on the candidate projects.

The work of the Beneficiaries' Committees resulted in the construction of a collective reasoned opinion for each project applying to the "100% Inclusion" PAA.

These opinions were forwarded to the Selection and Commitment Committees as an aid to the decision to award funding.

Innovative dimensions of the approach
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