Consultation on the Alès-Bessèges railroad line
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Consultation on the reopening of the Alès-Bessèges railway line to passengers: involving the relevant stakeholders in the project

Client: SNCF Réseau
6 months


In 2016, the Regional Council of Occitania organised a general meeting on rail and intermodality (EGRIM) in order to establish the priorities of the regional policy in terms of rail transport and intermodality in a concerted manner. Among the projects identified is the reopening to passenger traffic of the Alès-Bessèges line, which was suspended in 2012 for safety reasons. Following a preliminary study phase, SNCF Réseau wanted to organise a statutory consultation phase to gather the opinions of all the stakeholders concerned (potential users of the line, local residents, local authorities, socio-economic players, etc.) and involve them in the project.


Innovative dimensions of the approach

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