FNMF Citizens' Conference
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Citizens' conference on aid, mutual aid and solidarity: 70 citizens selected at random to draw up an opinion as part of the "Place de la Santé" approach

Client: Fédération Nationale de la Mutualité Française (FNMF)
In progress


As part of its "Place de la Santé" initiative, the FNMF wanted to organise a national citizens' conference to answer the following questions: Under what conditions can aid and mutual aid enable us to strengthen solidarity and the social link between us all? What forms should aid and mutual aid take to achieve these objectives?

70 randomly selected participants met over three weekends to draw up a citizen's opinion on aid, mutual aid and warm solidarity. Numerous concrete proposals were submitted to the FNMF so that it could present them to its members, implement them or propose them in the public debate prior to the 2022 presidential election. 


Innovative dimensions of the approach

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