Concertation Ecoquartier Gare de Pantin
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Elaboration of the strategy of participation and information of the project of Écoquartier Gare de Pantin - Quatre-chemins

Client: SPL Ensemble

A long-standing project, the Zone d'Aménagement Concertée Ecoquartier Gare de Pantin - Quatre Chemins entered its operational phase in 2020. This project had already been the subject of several consultations since 2011: it was now a question of seeing when and how to return to the population, according to what modalities and on what subjects. As the developer appointed in 2020 by the local authorities linked to the project, SPL Ensemble wished to call on an AMO to define the strategy for informing and involving the public in the short, medium and long term around the project, as the various phases were carried out.

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